Breast Reshaping Surgery In Pakistan

Do you want to get breast reshaping surgery in Lahore? Well if you have a desire then you are not alone. Breast reshaping surgery is famous among females. It has enormous benefits. Different causes may lead women to get breast reshaping surgery. These aspects can be laxity of the breast asymmetry or any other issue. Many reasons like lactation, instant weight loss or weight gain, pregnancy, aging, breast cancer, development deformities included in it. These issues may lead the women towards psychological and functional problems. Due to these issues, they do not look charming in their dresses. Whatever the reason is this it is the best to get your breasts in a shape.

Hence you need to get breast reshaping in Lahore by the best cosmetic surgeon in Lahore. Dr. Abdul Malik the best plastic surgeon is serving his professional services of breast reduction surgery in Lahore. He is also performing his services of breast reshaping surgery at Breast Lift Clinics in Lahore So, continue reading to know more in this regard!

Evaluation Of Breast Reshaping

The evaluation of breast reshaping surgery in Lahore is necessary. The first visit is compulsory for evaluation. Dr. Abdul Malik takes the Medical history of the patient. As a surgeon, he also includes the history of lactation, any previous surgery, pregnancy, fluctuation in weight in it. Further, he takes the family history of breast cancer, comorbid conditions, obesity, medication, and smoking carefully.

He also notes the expectation and goals of the patients. After that Dr. Abdul Malik provides the best suggestion. He notes the size and shape of breasts, Assessment of quality of the skin, chest deformity, nipple areola complex, the asymmetry of two breasts. Dr. Abdul Malik shows marks to the patient to provide an idea about results. In short, a surgeon also explains the details of the breast reshaping, possible side-effects, results, and recovery to the patient.

Techniques Of Breast Reshaping

Moreover, various techniques are available for breast reshaping. Dr. Abdul Malik selects them on the basis of the detailed assessment. So the selection of the patient also matters.
Firstly, Circumareolarincision suitable for mild to moderate ptosis
Secondly, Inverted T incision suitable for severe ptosis
Thirdly, Vertical skin incision suitable for moderate to severe ptosis
Fourthly, Medially based, inferiorly based and superomedially based
Fifthly, Pedicles can be superiorly based.
In short, with breast mastopexy, a plastic surgeon can do breast augmentation or breast reduction on the basis of the breast size.

Breast Reshaping Methods

However, the following are the techniques of breast reshaping surgery as:

• Marking in a standing position
• General anesthesia administers so that the patient may not feel any kind of pain

• In the next step, a surgeon makes the paint dropped
• Then the incisions also make and the further treatments perform
• De- epithelization of skin is done
• Pedicles transfers accordingly
• Stitches make to close incisions
• Finally dressing provide to complete it

Postoperative Care And Recovery

Moreover, postoperative instructions are essential to get optimal results. In addition to this, he provides specific instructions on the basis of the individual case. Hence following are common guidelines for breast reshaping.
•  The breast reduction is performed in the daytime
•  The patient is kept in the recovery room before shifting to room
•  Usually, the patient gets back home on the same day
•  Prescribed antibiotics are advised to be taken on time
•  3 to 10 days are required to settle bruising and swelling
•  A follow-up visit is scheduled after a week or 10 days to remove stitches
•  Routine activities can be continued after 3 to 5 days
•  Heavy exercise can be continued after a month or so


• Flap necrosis
• Bruising
• Asymmetry
• Swelling
• Hematoma
• Infection
• Nipple necrosis
• Altered Nipple sensation
• Seroma
• Nipple color change
However, all of the above complications can be reduced. We can reduce them by following instructions selecting the best plastic surgeon in Lahore carefully.


In short the cost of breast reshaping surgery in Lahore depends on various factors. So we recommend a patient to make a visit to the doctor to know important aspects and final cost. Therefore don’t waste this opportunity. The average cost of breast reshaping is ranges between Rs:150,000 to Rs: 165:000. Feel free to contact with Dr. Abdul Malik the best plastic surgeon in Lahore.  You can make your appointment at Breast Lift Clinics in Lahore now!