Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery/ Eye bags surgery/ Blepharoplasty

Eyelid’s surgery/ eyebags surgery is one of the commonly performed cosmetic procedures nowadays. As the person becomes old, the skin of the face starts getting loose and thin and also fat under the skin becomes atrophied means absorbed. This leads to the development of fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin. And the skin of the eyelids which is already v thin and the tissues under the eyelids skin which is called septum (a layer that keeps the fat under the eyes at its own place becomes loose and thin. So due to loose thin skin with ageing and lose thin septum, fat under the eyes becomes visible and leads to the development of eye bags. These eye bags with loose skin give puffy eyes a look and the person looks old. The same way the upper eyelid skin gets loose and hangs down over the eyes and gives old look. The fat in both upper and lower eyelids have three compartments and sometimes those compartments get visible and some time if these fat compartments have fat absorbed then can give sunken eyes a look.

These problems increase with age and people become worried and feel socially and psychologically depressed or concerned about this. As everyone wants to look young and attractive and face is a prominent part and on the face, eyes are visible part even in the mask, so people think to resolve this issue of loose eyelids/eyebags. To solve this problem, they used to consult the different doctors and take suggestions from them about different treatment options.

Dr Abdul Malik is doing this surgery in Multan at Medicare Hospital Multan (0345-4492128).

Consultation and Assessment

Patients/client visit at clinic and Dr Abdul Malik himself consult with the patient. Details about the history are taken including any comorbid condition like diabetes mellitus, hypertension or blood pressure issue, heart problem, smoking, use of different medications and hepatitis B, C. Then concerns of the patient is known. After that detailed assessment is done and the whole face is examined and focused on eyelids. Examination of eyelids included the position of eyebrows, the position of eyelids, loose skin in both upper and lower eyelids, scleral show, medial and lateral canthal position, eyebags on both sides, sunken eyes and any other associated issues. Then Dr Abdul Malik discuss with the patient about proposed treatment options, their pros and cons, procedure time, recovery, outcome and complications. And Dr Abdul Malik advises them to baseline test for fitness and if needed evaluation by their treating physician for any disease before the procedure is being performed as these diseases problems can make wound healing issues.

Preparation and Procedure

After fitness from an anaesthesia point of view and fitness from a treating physician, Dr Abdul Malik with his team performs the procedure under local anaesthesia. Marking is done in a sitting position. Then the patient is painted & draped to maintain a sterile environment to avoid infection. Infiltration of local anaesthesia is done then after 7-10 minutes incision is given and dissection is done.

In the upper eyelid, the extra loose skin is removed, the fat compartment is evaluated and if there is excess fat, it is removed in the conservative way otherwise it is redistributed to a given uniform look. Then hemostasis is secured and the wound is closed. The same process repeated on another side.


In the case of lower eyelid surgery, a proposed marked incision is given, skin with orbicular muscle is dissected, dissection is done till cheek prominence bone. Then the septum is opened and extra fat from all three compartments is removed in a conservative way and fat is then redistributed to give uniform look and stitched with a periosteum of zygomatic bone to stay in that place. Then extra skin is removed and orbicular muscle is stitched at upper edge lateral canthus margin with periosteum using non-absorbable suture, this keeps the eyelids to remain at this position and does not hang down giving a long-lasting result. Then hemostasis is secured and the skin closed. Then dressing is done and the procedure is repeated on another side.

Postoperative care and Recovery

The patient is shifted to the recovery room for one to two hours and then the patient is discharged. Oral medications are advised for 5-7 days and the patient is advised to sleep straight with head-end elevated. The dressing is changed after 48-72 hours and stitches are removed after 5-7 days. Swelling and bruising can occur for few days as the skin of the eyelids are very thin but it usually settles in about 7-10 days time. After 3-5 days the patient can move outside with glasses. After stitches removal patient is advised to use scar massage creams for improvement in the scar. Internal tissue oedema takes about 2 months to settle and good results are seen after 2 months. But after a week time patient can rejoin back to his or her work. Redness inside the eyes can occur for few days which is usually settled in 5-7 days with topical eye ointment or drops.

Benefits and Side effects

The advice of Dr Abdul Malik Mujahid is that you should always get your surgery done by trained & experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon. In their hands usually, side effects are minimal and always let play with your own body parts by an experienced and authorized surgeon.


Benefits include:

1- Get rid of loose eyelid skin

2- Get rid of eye bags

3- Uniform and young attractive look of eyes and so face

4- Symmetry on both sides

5- Increased confidence to return back to society

6- Long-lasting results for about 8-10 years


Although Side effects are minimal but can occur as a part of the procedure which is usually resolved with conservative management-

1- Swelling

2- Bruising

3- Hematoma is a less common complication but can occur and need early treatment to resolve this issue

4- Redness in the eyes

5- Asymmetrical position

6- Malposition of eyelids

7- Recurrence

8- Ectropion development if excessive skin is removed

9- A visible scar

10- Scar hypertrophy

Cost of Eyelid Surgery

Cost is variable and this procedure can be combined with other procedures like facelift surgery, eyebrow lift surgery, Botox injection, filler injections.

The cost of upper eyelids surgery/ upper blepharoplasty is around 70-85 thousand

And the cost of lower eyelid surgery/ eyebags surgery is around 90 thousand to one lac 20 thousand rupees.