FUE Hair Transplant In Pakistan


FUE Hair Transplant In Pakistan is one of the popular and commonly performed procedures. There are different methods to perform hair transplant surgery. Previously we used to do the Strip method or FUT method, but with advancement in the medical and plastic surgery field, we shifted to FUE techniques and in this method, one by one hair is removed from the donor area and placed on bald area/recipient area. In the FUE method, further advancement is; we are doing now without shaving the whole head also and placing the hair graft in ice-cold solution to decrease the metabolic rate of hair graft and improve the survival rates of hair after placement.

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Procedure Overview:

Clients usually visit the clinic and a detailed discussion is done regarding the procedure, outcome, recovery time, side effects and care after the procedure.

This procedure of FUE hair transplant is done under local anaesthesia. The patient is fully conscious. It is about a 6-8 hour procedure. The first recipient area is marked and the hairline is designed. Then donor area is marked. And after that photography is done for record purposes and to see the outcome of the procedure. Then both areas are made sterilized in operation theatre in a sterile environment to prevent infection.

Local anaesthesia is injected in both donor and recipient areas. Then punching is done in the recipient area. After that hair grafts are harvested one by one from the donor area. It is a very important step and experience is required for this to avoid damage to hair roots during this process. After that hair grafts are placed in a solution and then their placement at the recipient area is done with full caution under a sterile environment. And then dressing is done at the donor area for 24-48 hours.

Some Patients usually go for 2 or 3 PRP Therapy Sessions also for strengthening hair and empowering hair growth.


Success Rate:

The previous method was the strip method which has a long scar over the back which could be visible and recovery time was prolonged, but in the FUE technique there is no such scar and recovery time is quick. An overall number of hairs can be more in this technique. With good post-procedure care, the success rate is more than 95 per cent and also satisfaction rate is more than 95 per cent of clients.

Before & After FUE Hair Transplant

Cost of FUE Hair Transplant:

40 rupees per graft is the cost of FUE Hair Transplant In Pakistan.
So 1000 grafts can have the price of 40 thousand rupees.

Benefits and Side Effects:

Sterilization is very important in this procedure like in every procedure. The second important thing is a qualified plastic surgeon who is authorized to do this procedure need to be chosen for this procedure to avoid any kind of side effects.


1- Quick recovery
2- Minimal post-procedure pain
3- Early return to work
4- No long scar
5- More no of hair grafts
6- More good outcome and satisfaction rate

Side Effects:

Side effects are minimal in the experienced and qualified hands of authorized plastic and cosmetic surgeon. These can be
1- Headache
2- Numbness for few days
3- Heaviness in head
4- Infection in 5 per cent cases.
5- Swelling of the forehead
These usually settle in few days time period after the procedure.


Hair transplant is an elective procedure so in case of any disease or problem like diabetes, hypertension, heart problem, bleeding issue or any such symptoms should be first managed and should be in control and their treating physician should give fitness for the procedure beforehand.
For diabetic patients and smokers in which healing is delayed smoking should be stopped or at least kept minimal and prophylactic antibiotics should be started few days before the procedure to avoid infection. And sugar and blood pressure should be in a well-controlled state. Postoperative care and precautions include:

  1. Avoid sun exposure
  2. Dust or dirty environment
  3. Good hydration
  4. Use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications
  5. Smoking cessation
  6. Decrease sexual activity
  7. Avoid heavy wind or bike drive
  8. Avoid direct shower on the head with pressure
  9. Sleep straight with head elevation for 48-72 hours
  10. Proper use of medications for some other comorbidity.

Take-Home Message:

Health is your priority so spend a good time and money on your health. Always search for an expert authorized plastic and cosmetic surgeon for letting him play with your health and body and proceeding with your hair transplant. Avoid the non-experienced or unauthorized doctors/ technicians & quacks for such kind procedure so that no mishaps should happen. Check the qualification of your treating doctor first to verify authenticity. Furthermore, keep in mind that for FUE Hair Transplant In Pakistan, only Dr Abdul Malik is a suitable option as a senior cosmetic and best plastic surgeon in Pakistan.

How to Get an Appointment For FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan?

So the answer is here, that if you are looking to get the FUE Hair Transplant procedure done in Pakistan, then Dr Abdul Malik Mujahid, the senior plastic surgeon is now available in three cities of Punjab, Pakistan:

  • Lahore (Akram Medical Complex Jail Road Lahore)
  • Multan (Medicare Hospital, Abdali Road, Multan)
  • Dera Ghazi Khan (Doctors Hospital, Fareed Abad Block 18, D.G. Khan)