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Dr. Abdul Malik is one of the renowned leading aesthetic & plastic surgeons in Lahore Pakistan. He presents plastic surgery images that he classifies according to Norwood classification that ranges from stage 1-7. Fat which is not burnt or dissolve with dieting and exercise Dr. Abdul Malik the best cosmetic surgeon remove it by liposuction process .Dr. Abdul Malik Mujahid carefully briefs the procedure through his plastic surgery images before performing it. It is important to provide realistic information to the patient. In Cosmetic Surgery clinic In Lahore, you can view actual before and after plastic surgery images and photographs. These photographs represent typical results of plastic surgery. Explore the official Stock of Dr. Abdul Malik plastic surgery images of many patients. Find the perfect stock for your procedure, Search now. Cosmetic Surgery expertise includes non-invasive non-surgical to the less invasive and more invasive surgical procedure, Search now.

Here you can see before and after plastic surgery images and pictures of popular cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, including

  • Plastic Surgery            Cosmetic Surgery                         Burn  surgery
  • Liposuction                  Tummy Tuck                                 Breast Implants
  • Skin Whitening           Hair  Transplant                           PRP Therapy
  • Rhinoplasty                  Eyelid Surgery                              Gynecomastia 
  • Lower body lift           Gastric Balloon Insertion             Facelift Surgery

Top plastic surgery Images

present the cropped woman face getting facelift, procedure lifting skin. Cropped marking lines under the breast for plastic surgery, isolated on grey. Just go ahead and you’ll finally take a step for plastic surgery from Dr.Abdul Malik best plastic surgeon in Lahore. You can also book online appointment with him @Akram Medical complex Jail Road Lahore Pakistan. If you want to make and prominent your great plastic surgery story among images of plastic surgery? Want your plastic surgery procedure with high Quality which you deserve? Just pick up the phone Browse the best plastic surgeon phone number @0345-4492128 for booking an appointment.

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