Lipofilling Surgery in Pakistan

Lipofilling/ fat injection is a commonly performed cosmetic procedure nowadays in Pakistan and Punjab. It is natural and patients own fat is taken from one side of the body and is transferred to the other side of the body. As patients gain or lose weight, fat is accumulated more at one side of the body and is absorbed on another side of the body. This can make some asymmetry or contour problems so requires fat injection/ Lipofilling to restore the contour.

Dr Abdul Malik is doing this Lipofilling Surgery in Multan at Medicare Hospital Multan (0345-4492128).

Areas of Fat Injections

  1. The Face is a prominent part of our body and if there is an asymmetry in our face due to absorption of fat with weight loss or gain or when there is contour deformity due to congenital problems like hypoplasia of face or contour deformity after trauma or Tumor excision or after some infections or disease process like Romberg disease in which subcutaneous fat is absorbed leading to contour deformity and patient becomes psychologically and socially depressed
  2. Breast fat injection/ Lipofilling/ Fat transfer to the breast is one of the popular methods to increase the size of the breast and increase the projection of the breast to improve the self-confidence of females. The breast is small in size by birth or when there is an asymmetry between two breast sizes then fat transfer to the breast is commonly performed to regain the symmetry and increase the projection of breast-by-breast augmentation.
  3. Buttocks – females who have concerns about their figure including breast, waist and buttocks they usually consider the fat transfer to buttocks, commonly known as the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Female models and other females make their bodies more attractive and also increase their self-confidence by increasing their buttocks size with fat injection.
  4. Hands – in both males and females with ageing, wrinkles in hands develop and give an old look to them, so in this case, they get fat injection process done to bring their young attractive look of hands back
  5. Under eyes when there are sunken eyes, fat injection is a good tool to restore volume.
  6. Any other area of the body to restore the volume or contour
  7. Patient with post-burn scars
  8. Patient with post-acne scars
  9. Diabetic foot wounds
  10. To increase the girth of the penis
  11. For fine lines and wrinkles
  12. Prominent Nasolabial folds

Types of Fat Injection

There are three types of fat injection. These are basically three techniques of fat harvesting from the body:

  1. Macro Fat Injection: in which fat is harvested from more than a 1’mm width opening of the cannula. Then this fat injection process is usually done for large volume fat harvesting and injection like buttocks and breast augmentation.
  2. Micro Fat Injection: In which fat is harvested with a 1’mm cannula opening and it is used for moderate volume injection.
  3. Nano Fat Injection: in which fat is harvested with 1’mm cannula opening then fat is undergone process of emulsification to make it like a yellowish liquid in which fat cell is destroyed but active component remains like adipose-derived stem cells and stromal vascular fraction and this fat injection is used for rejuvenation of skin, fine line and wrinkles, improvement in scars like post-acne scars and post-burn and post-traumatic scars and minimal volume injection.

Consultation and Assessment

Patient/client visits at Dr Abdul Malik’s Clinic in Multan and Dr Abdul Malik assess the patient in detail. He takes a detailed history of the patient and concerns of the patient. Then Dr Abdul Malik with his female assistant examines the patient and assess in detail. Then details about the procedure, time of surgery, outcome and recovery and complication are explained to the patient. Then baseline blood test is advised for fitness for anaesthesia.


Lipofilling/ fat injection procedure is performed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia depending on for which areas fat is injected. First of all, marking is done on the area where fat is injected and from where fat is harvested. Then the patient is painted and draped to maintain a sterile environment to prevent infection. Then a small incision of about 0.5cm incision is given and infiltration fluid is injected on the donor area and local infiltration is done on the recipient area. Then with special Cannula’s fat is harvested with negative suction pressure.

After that fat is placed under gravity for the separation of blood and oil from fat. After that fat is totally separated and made ready to inject on the donor area which can be the face or breast or buttocks or any other area. Hemostasis is secured wound is closed and dressing done on donor area and on recipient area is massaged to make symmetry.

Post-operative Care and Recovery

The Patient is shifted to a recovery room and is kept there for one-two hour if the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia or is kept in Hospital for one day if the procedure is done under general anaesthesia. The patient is advised not to put weight over the injected area. Redness, swelling and bruising can occur which is usually settled 7-10 days. The patient is advised compression garment and massage on donor area and massage on the area where fat is injected.

It is important to note that as much fat is injected 30-40 per cent fat is absorbed of all fat injected so initially 25-30 per cent overfilling is done which can have initially more swelling visible and in 5-10 per cent cases needed small revision procedure to make symmetry. Antibiotics and pain killers are advised for 5-7 days. Oedema takes about 2 months to settle and fat stays become vascularized and then stay longer and give long-lasting results. So good results are achieved after 2-3 months when swelling, oedema is settled and fat absorption process is finished and the remaining fat which has stem cells and stromal vascular fraction become active and start functioning.

Benefits and Side Effects

In the experienced hands, it is a good procedure with good results.

Benefits of Lipofilling:

  1. Patient’s own Natural body fat
  2. Long-lasting result
  3. No problem of foreign body reaction which can occur with fillers or silicone implants for augmentation
  4. Minimal chance of infection
  5. Increased confidence level
  6. The contour of the area and defined shape of the area from where fat is harvested
  7. Symmetry
  8. Attractive young look
  9. Improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and facial scar
  10. Improvement in post-acne scars
  11. Improvement in the shape of breast, buttocks
  12. Results can remain for 6-8 years

Side Effects of Lipofilling:

Side effects of Fat Injections that are usually minimal can occur:

  1. Swelling
  2. Bruising
  3. Redness
  4. Infection chances
  5. Asymmetry
  6. Need of revision procedure in 5 per cent cases due to fat absorption.

Cost of Lipofilling

The Cost of Lipofilling in Pakistan is in the range of 50,000 to 2,00,000 rupees depending on for which area fat injection/ Lipofilling is done and whether it is performed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.