Lower Body Lift In Pakistan


Lower body lift is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to make shape or contour of the body of tummy in circumferential or all around including front of tummy, lateral side mean love handle area and lower backside. It is done either alone or is combined with thigh lift procedure or liposuction also. It is common and one of the emerging cosmetic procedures in Pakistan and Punjab to solve the problems of loose skin.

Dr Abdul Malik is doing these surgeries in Multan at Medicare Hospital Multan (0345-4492128).

Candidates for Lower Body Lift

Mainly the candidates for a lower body lift are those who have

1- massive weight loss after bariatric surgery procedure like sleeve gastrectomy or gastric banding

2- significant weight loss patients due to excessive exercise and dieting

Consultation and Preparation

Clients visit the consultant plastic and cosmetic surgeon in the clinic and a detailed history and then detailed examination is done to see the extent of loose skin. After detailed history and examination, details about the procedure and their recovery time, outcome, benefits and side effects of the procedure are discussed. Any comorbid condition like diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, heart problems is also asked from the client during the consultation. Then the patient is advised necessary investigations like baseline blood tests, ECG, chest X-ray for the fitness for general anaesthesia.


This procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia. Before anaesthesia in the preoperative room, marking is done. Then after general anaesthesia patient is painted and draped to make the sterile conditions for surgery.

Firstly patient is made prone and infiltration is done at the incision site, then the incision is given and skin flaps are raised to a marked extent and excess skin is removed and haemostasis is secured and the backside wound is closed in three layers

After that patient is made supine and on the front side, infiltration is done at the incision site and then the incision is given, skin flaps are raised up to a marked extent, the assessment of weak rectus muscle is seen and their tightening or plication is done. After that excess skin is removed and the umbilicus is saved. The umbilicus is now positioned by making a new hole in the skin, hemostasis is secured. Then wound is closed in three layers and usually, one or two drains are placed to avoid fluid or blood collection in the abdomen. Then a dressing is done.

If the procedure is combined with liposuction then the first liposuction is also done and if combined with thigh lift then after the abdomen procedure is complete then the thigh lift procedure is performed.

Post Operative Care and Recovery

The patient is kept hospitalised for one to two days. Compression farmers are advised to wear to help support the stitching place.

Initially swelling and bruising can occur and that usually settled in 1-2 weeks time.

The patient is kept in a position of about straight on the bed so that stretch in front and back site stitching should not occur.

The patient is advised to stand up and little walk after 2-3 days and for the first week post-procedure, the patient is needed to have extra care about the stitching site. Drains if placed are removed after 2-3 days. After a week patient is encouraged to walk at home with a compression garment in place. A compression garment is continued for 4-6 weeks to achieve good results and symmetry. After 2 weeks the patient is advised to come back to routine work slowly and avoid excessive flexion or extension of the body. Usually, in 2-3 months time when oedema is settled good results are achieved. The overall outcome is good and the satisfaction rate is more than 90 per cent if performed by a trained and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

Benefits and Risks

First, the important thing is again that before letting play with ur body kindly always choose an authorised and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon for the procedure so that risks and side effects can be minimised. The benefits of this procedure are

1- contouring of lower body is achieved

2- satisfaction rate  of patients is very high

3- symmetry of the body

4- increased confidence level to reintegrate into society

5- females and males can wear the dresses of their own choice


Side effects can occur which usually settle with time;

1- swelling

2- bruising

3- blood collection

4- fluid collection

5- asymmetry

6- infection

7- wound edges breakdown/ dehiscence

8- scars hypertrophy


The cost of lower body lift surgery in Pakistan is variable and is usually in the range of 2,00,000 to 4,00,000 Pkr depending on it is done alone or combined with liposuction or thigh lift procedure.