Ear Reshaping Surgery In Pakistan

Otoplasty or ear reshaping surgery is a cosmetic procedure, it is performed to reshape the ears into proper position to improve the confidence level of a patient who is suffering from mental and psychological issues due to deformed ear shape.

It is performed for:

  1. The prominent ear means that the ear is bent forward and there is more distance between ear and scalp if u assess from the backside and on front and lateral view it seems more projected forward and the shape of the ear is not good.
  2. Bat ear shape
  3. Constricted ears
  4. Stalls ear in which there is one extra cartilage piece

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Evaluation and Preparation

The patient visits the clinic and a detailed assessment is done which include a detailed history and then an examination of the ear and concerns of the patient. An examination is done from the front view, side views and back view to assess the position of the ear and shape of different ear structures that include the position of helix, antihelix, concha and lobule position, any extra cartilage or deformed cartilage.

Then after the assessment is discussed with the patient about the procedure, times about surgery, outcome, recovery after the procedure and any side effects.

After that baseline blood tests are advised for anaesthesia fitness.

Procedure of Otoplasty

Prominent ear or deformed ear shape patient if visit after birth, they can be managed without surgery by wearing headbands and keeping the ear in the proper position, but after a time period of 6 months to one year is passed then elasticity of cartilage is reduced then mostly need surgery to correct the shape. Ear reshaping surgery is usually performed after the age of 4 years. This surgery in young children is performed under general anaesthesia and in adults is performed under local anaesthesia.

After anaesthesia, the ear is painted and draped to keep a sterile environment to prevent any infection development. Then marking is done on the backside of the ear and infiltration is done. After that incision is given and the skin flap is elevated cartilage is exposed. Then again marking is done on cartilage to make the shape of Anti helix which is usually not maintained in these patients and with proline suture which is non-absorbable antihelix shape is made and then concha is assessed.

Then if needed, a portion of the concha is removed and after that prominent concha is set back into its position with a suture with the mastoid area. Then lobule position is assessed and if needed it is brought into position. After that hemostasis is secured and skin is closed and dressing is done.

Post-operative Care and Recovery

The patient is kept for one day in the hospital of the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and is discharged on the same day. Ears reshaping surgery is performed under local anaesthesia. The patient is advised to keep head end elevated with pillows and sleep or lay down straight to avoid pressure on-ear. After a week time, dressing is removed and the patient is advised to wear a headband to keep the ear in a new position.

Usually, it takes about 4-6 weeks at least to have the ear set into a new proper shape after the procedure. During this time period use of headbands is very important. Stitches are removed on the backside of the ear after 7-10 days. Swelling and bruising are settled in a time period of about 1-2 weeks. And a proper shape is achieved after 6-8 weeks post-procedure.

Benefits and Side Effects

Again, important thing is that procedure should be done by authorized trained cosmetic and plastic surgeons. In the experienced hands, usually, side effects are minimal.

Benefits of procedure are:

  1. Set back of ear into proper position
  2. Can keep hair short and cutting of their own choice which initially people used to keep long hair or hair shape to cover these prominent ears
  3. Females can keep their hairstyles in a way they need and no longer require to camouflage ears with their hair.
  4. Increased confidence level
  5. Relieve from psychological stress
  6. Reintegration into society with a positive approach


Side effects include:

  1. Swelling
  2. Bruising
  3. Recurrence of the problem if not done proper care
  4. Asymmetrical shape in 5-10 per cent cases between two ears
  5. Scar with hypertrophy

Cost Of Ear Reshaping Surgery In Pakistan

The cost of otoplasty or ear reshaping surgery in Pakistan is variable and in the range of 70,000 to 1,10,000 Pakistani rupees.