PRP Therapy in Pakistan

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP therapy is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures nowadays across Pakistan, especially in Multan & Lahore. It is a non-surgical and clinic-based procedure. PRP is an abbreviation used for Platelets Rich Plasma.

In this procedure, the patient’s own Platelets Rich Plasma is taken out and then is injected into the wounded area to accelerate the healing procedure.

Dr Abdul Malik is doing these surgeries in Multan at Medicare Hospital Multan (0345-4492128).

Uses Of  PRP Therapy

PRP is used for many purposes nowadays that include:

  1. For control of hair fall, hair growth & after FUE Hair Transplant
  2. For post-acne scars
  3. For open pores treatment
  4. For facial skin rejuvenation to bring back a younger look
  5. For treatment of pigmentation and melasma
  6. For treatment of facial ageing skin
  7. Used for a vampire facelift
  8. For joint pains and osteoarthritis
  9. Post burns scars treatment

Preparation and Procedure

For the preparation of PRP Therapy, about 20cc of blood is collected with a syringe. And is placed in vials, that it is centrifuged in a centrifugal machine twice for 7 minutes each after the plasma is separated from blood and that separate plasma is collected in the syringe. The upper half of plasma is called PPP ( platelets poor plasma ) and is not Beneficial as such. The lower half of plasma is called PRP and it is rich in multiple different growth factors and those growth factors are actually helpful for all the above-mentioned purposes.

After this, local anaesthesia is applied either with topical creams or is injected to block the nerves temporarily of the concerned area.

Then with a fine needle, PRP is injected on the concerned area either scalp for hair or on the face or other areas of the body for scar treatment. Then the area is massaged to spread this Prp solution inside.

This procedure is around 30-45 minutes time if done Alone.

This can be combined with a micro-needling / derma pen procedure or with fat injection to further help in improved results of the procedure.

Multiple sessions are usually required which can be in the range of 4-6 with a gap of 2-4 weeks between each session.


Following 9 benefits can be the result of a PRP Therapy session:

  1. Control of hair fall
  2. Strengthening of hair
  3. Increased density of hair
  4. Hair regrowth
  5. Improvements in pigmentation
  6. Increase scar quality
  7. The youthful young look of face skin
  8. Improvements in post-acne scar and open pores
  9. Improvements in joints pains

Side Effects

The Side Effects of PRP Therapy are very minimal as it is the patient’s own plasma that does not have any foreign body reaction. But few side effects which can be considered as part of the procedure include:

  1. Swelling
  2. Bruising
  3. Redness
  4. Headache and heaviness feeling
  5. Pain After procedure

These are usually minimal and settle in one to three days.

Recovery Time

  • Recovery time is quick.
  • After hair PRP, you can go back to your routine work on the same day.
  • After the face Prp, there can be swelling or redness for 2-3 days and get settled after that.
  • For pains, after the procedure, it is usually settled in 1 or 2 days.
  • So overall downtime is very less.


Cost is variable whether it is done alone or combined with some other procedure;

PRP for hair: 12000 Pkr per session

PRP for face: 15000 Pkr per session

PRP with Micro-needling: 25000 Pkr per session

PRP with Fat injection: 45000 Pkr per session

PRP with Micro-needling & Fat injection: 55000 Pkr per session

PRP with Micro-needling, Subcision & Fat injection: 60000 Pkr per session